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FeedBack Management

A Feedback system that nurtures collaboration and automates the feedback process for all your team members. This revolutionary product Redefines feedback process and makes feedback a welcome process by all your team members.

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  • Features:

    • ALM Integration
    • 128 Bit Encrytpion
    • Patent Pending
    • Legal Compliance (HIPAA, EEO)
  • Stage:


Payment Management

Create and accept Invoices, or simply collect payments through CC, ACH through our system.You can easily integrate with variosu payment gateways as we give you the option to integrate with gateway fo your choice.

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  • Features:

    • No Hidden Platform Fees
    • Managed Code API
    • Client API
    • PCI Compliant
  • Stage:


Electronic Signature

Get away with paper. Use our e-signing system to create, edit, sign and seal documents electronically. This system will use 128 bit Encryption still be delivered at 40% less cost than any competitors

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  • Features:

    • 21 CFR & UETA compliant
    • 128 Bit Encryption
    • Local Storage
    • Easy Integration
  • Status:

    Under Development